Amulets and jewellery with raw amber from the Baltic sea             

In the beginning the good God created two suns. One of them took a real shine to people and wanted to get closer to them, but fell into the sea. There it broke into a million pieces and became amber. But in autumn, winter when people crave for strength and sun, amber comes closer to shore and now it can be together with its beloved one. Some find their piece of the sun washed up on the sand, but the braver ones wade into the water and capture theirs straight from the sea.

Amber – a semi-precious stone. In Latvian the word was formed from words «dzīt» or «chase» and «dzimta» or «kin», because amber chases away evil, it protects and comforts the mind and at the same time maintaining the bond with our ancesters. Amber harmonizes our relationship with time and strengthens our intuition. It is recommended to wear live, raw amber (with an intact bio-energetic field) in contact with the skin for optimum human-amber interaction.  

Captured in Liepaja offers the unique way of making amulets and jewelry from raw amber - without damaging the amber, without any violance thus saving all bioenergetic properties. 

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